Cutting Machine Controllers

Cutting Machine Controllers
The Cutting machine in a printing industry is a vital machine. The matter printed on various sizes of paper is later on separated by cutting the paper in required sizes by cutting machine. This cutting is done manually as well as automatically by a ‘Cutting machine Controller’ or ‘Backgage Controller’ or ‘Cutting Program’ as is referred to by the printing industry.
The ‘Cutting Program’ enhances the through put of the machine three folds.
The Cutting Program’ has following salient features,
  • 99 Programs with 99 steps or cuts each
  • Alphanumeric LCD display
  • Bright 7 segment LED display for Position value
  • Various LED indicators like Cut ready, False clamp, etc.
  • Sealed keyboard for easier operation
  • Cross wise & length wise cut corrections
  • Push out & Air ON functions
  • Rugged metallic enclosure for panel & base mounting