Integrated ECU Test Benches

Electronic Load
Integrated Electronic Control Unit ( IECU) Endurance test rig Model ITR01 is designed for carrying out Functional and Endurance testing of Integrated ECU for Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles. This Rig is capable of handling three IECUs at a time. In either Functional or Endurance mode of operation, the unit performs a pre programmed sequence of test operations and displays the real time test status on a graphical HMI (Human Machine Interface) Unit and LED Indicator banks mounted on front panel.

Test Cycle is executed as per the following sequence

Sr. No. Description
1. Glow plug and Preheat lamp logic test
2. Starter Motor protection test
3. Flasher logic test
4. Radiator fan test
5. Water in Fuel test
6. EGR logic test
7. Head lamp logic test
8. End of cycle

Respective actual loads are connected or simulated loads are connected to the IECU. As required there are cycle counters, error codes, diagnostic help, and validation of all functions of IECU. The Rig is movable on wheels so that customer can take it to any location.