Sub Assembly Navigational System For Wiring Harness

Sub Assembly Navigational System for wiring harness
This system is very useful to wiring harness manufacturers.
Generally the procedure of the assembly of a harness requires that the following checks

  • Proper wire pulled
  • Wire assembled to proper connector
  • Wire properly locked in the connector
  • Assembly of other end of the wire to other proper connector
  • Continuity check of the wire
  • Complete harness continuity check
  • Pass / Fail criteria
  • Total number of jobs completed with time

Our system is microcontroller based & is presently for 6 to 8 connectors. However, the system is devised in such a way that it can be expanded to more number of connectors. The operator data can be fed if desired.
It has PC connectivity to upload & download relevant data & PC software to store & properly present the data to the user.